Favorite Gold Wing Accessories

A voltmeter/gear indicator/thermometer combination

For years I've thought how nice it would be to have a volt meter, thermometer and gear indicator on my 1500.  I settled for a K-Mart special thermometer and a Datel LCD voltmeter, but had no luck finding a gear indicator.  I thought about making one, (I'd already found part of the transmission outputs to use with my cruise control mod) but just never got around to it.

Then, someone on the Gold Wing Road Riders Association message board mentioned that they'd seen one that they thought was made in Florida.  It turned out to be from Dave's Cycle Supply - 2104 Dillon Ct, Valrico, FL 33594 - 813-685-3753 or toll free 866-685-3753.  Now I find that he's been making them for several years!  Too bad he doesn't advertise more.  At $150, it's cheaper than the other units I've found that didn't have either the thermometer or the gear indicator.


The meter comes with easy to follow instructions.  The wiring has plugs that connect into the Wings and has addition plugs near the meter for quick disconnect/easy removal of the dash panel.  The sunshade is shown at the top of the picture.  I have yet to use it, but it may be nice in bright sunlight.   Anyway, it's only $6.00.


The readout is clear (the blurriness is caused by camera focus) and large enough to be read easily. The top number is the voltage, the lower left is the gear - "0" is neutral - and the lower right is temperature - which tracks well with my other thermometers.  

My only complaint is that I should have found it years ago!


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Last Updated on January 12, 2002